The Nurturance Dialogue

For a respectful, non-judgmental and trusting atmosphere, where everybody’s voice is heard and welcomed.

Why we need it

Engagement, corporate unity and team building — including an understanding of what’s required for successful effective results-driven collaboration — require a feeling of belonging, a feeling of creating impact together, a feeling of closeness and a mindset of mutual support among employees. This is difficult to achieve when an insidious distrust hangs over the staff members, permeating the work environment.

Displaying unity and acknowledging the different and potentially divisive concerns among employees will show that leaders aren’t taking sides. There are employees in many organizations today who are fearful to speak up if harassed, fearful of wrongful accusations, fearful of being misunderstood and fearful to collaborate in groups and bond over a coffee or drink.

Strong acknowledgement of the fact that many – predominantly – women have experienced unwanted sexual advances and harassment in the workplace demands sensitivity by male leaders. On the other hand, women leaders have a responsibility to ensure that the men within their companies are not positioned as predators or to be feared that every remark will be questioned.

Trusting unity between the genders will help ensure that all the hard years women have put into their careers will remain unharmed. Before we create new policies, or even laws — and by this produce another notion of victim and offender — let’s first try to build a trusting atmosphere to melt the fears throughout the organization.


If any form of sexual misconduct and harassment still is an issue in your organization I can support you to assess known and possible cases in your organization in a competent and sensitive way.

We will create together a respectful, non-judgmental and mindful atmosphere, where everybody’s voice is heard and welcomed. From there we can find ways to develop a culture of trust and nurturance in your team, where the dynamics between co-workers can lead to better conditions in the workplace, better collaboration, more inspiration, productivity, etc.

  • Assessment of gender strain and auditing #metoo cases in the organization. Anonymous online and offline survey, partially personal interviews, to identify possible cases and their severity.
  • Gap Analysis – Where do you want to go? UsAll – instead of MeToo?
  • Planing – What steps are necessary
  • Roll-Out – Company guidelines, awareness trainings, women/men-dialogues, individual coachings, legal actions, communication strategy
  • Measuring Impact & Report

We will have a briefing with your leading team where you share the current situation. I am glad to sign a confidentiality agreement and commit to the needed discretion.

To assess the cases I will come for a day or two and have conversations and interviews with members of your staff. Based on that I will do an analysis and discuss with you in a further meeting the strategic objective.

We will plan the necessary steps and invite if needed additional experts and partners to create a program and structures for a thriving and nurturing collaboration in gender diverse teams.

We continue to create safe spaces to explore the topic in group dialogues, social labs and awareness training.

If you are interested in that offer please fill out this form in which you describe a bit your organization and the situation.

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