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Vibrant Collaboration

How more honesty and intimacy in teams leads to better collaboration.

In my upcoming book I want to explore how dynamics between co-workers generated by feelings and emotions, as well as our life force and our honest and intimate relations on the workplace, are influencing our collaboration in teams and organizations.

Applied honesty, authenticity and a more consciously lived intimacy can support the transmutation of this life-force. And, in turn, this can lead to better conditions in the workplace, more inspiration, productivity, etc.

Eros as a co-creative force

Greek philosopher Plato referred to one of the four forms of love and an inspiration for seeking truth as Eros, while C.G. Jung used that term to describe the desire for wholeness or interconnection.
Sigmund Freud referred to Eros as ‘will to live’.

Exploring the space between us

As relational scholars we should enter an organization as if it were an extended set of relationships and to place more attention on the ‘‘space between’’—the space between subject and object.


With more openness, honesty and authenticity more intimacy and trust can unfold between the co-workers and the collaboration can be lifted to another level.

Vulnerability and intimacy in a corporate setting may seem scary for some, but my hope is that through this book the reader will see why these ideas and practices are important for a more constructive collaboration and to co-create a thriving future.

Heinz Robert

Born near Vienna in Austria he has lived two years each in Spain and Germany, before he moved to Zurich, Switzerland in 2008. Heinz supports individuals and groups as catalyst for their processes. He has 10 years of experience in self-development on men and gender issues, senior coach for men and sexuality.

Since summer 2016 Heinz is working on this book, where he likes to explore with other authors the dynamics between people in teams and show ways, how emotions and feelings can positively influence the collaboration and how this can be used for innovative approaches of leadership.

Contributors wanted

This book is an unfinished piece. My part is done, and until now I have 2 great interviews collected, but I still look for contributors of essays and people I can interview, who bring different perspectives into the dialogue. My wish is to have minimum 6 but better 12 people who share their experience in the book by end of 2018. I have already one interview fixed and one I am still waiting for the OK. 3 women have expressed their interest and are reading the book right now.

I am looking also for an author to write a preface who already published books or articles, or who is successfully working in the field of emotions and energetics in the workplace.

Are you interested to share your experience and give your contribution in form of an interview or essay? Write me to and tell me something about you.

Contributor 1

Contributor 2

Contributor 3

Contributor 4

When I started the book I also wanted to collect some empirical data with an online survey. You still can help me by going through it and answer those questions. Plan around 20 minutes of time for it.

My Offer

Is #metoo and any form of #sexualmisconduct and #harrassment still an issue in your organization?

I can support you to create #savespaces to explore these topics in group #dialogues, based on the research for my book and my experience in working with groups and in different teams.

We will create together a respectful, non-judgmental and trusting atmosphere, where everybody’s voice is heard and welcomed.

Interested? Find details after clicking on the button, or send me a message.